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Chrysalis is an original Interactive multimedia artwork with original music composition that has been created as a short immersive experience around the theme of wellbeing. It has been designed to be accessible for all ages and is available for loan, exhibition and purchase so feel free to contact me. Please read more about Chrysalis below


Life is a place of challenges, many which we will journey through to arrive at a different place. We will be changed and live with a different perspective.

As an artist and musician, my works are a response to experiences and feelings about the world and my place in it. In a way, through the process and journey of making an artwork, I arrive at a place of resolution, balance or new clarity.

It was one such morning, of contemplation of my circumstances that I wrote some words, a poetic response to a drum rhythm. The words were an immediate expression of the challenge in my life at that time. I look back at that moment of writing those words, which came spontaneously, true and heartfelt. My true story.

These words formed the piece of music Chrysalis, which I developed by adding saxophone and other layers, and worked with another electronic musician to complete. It is available here:

I wanted to use this music in an artwork and this became Chrysalis the interactive artwork which I wish to share.

The artwork is a poem, for others to engage with, listen to, read, meditate upon and simply enjoy.

It is designed with simplicity in mind. The user just moves the mouse and a journey unfolds, and for a few minutes, immerse them in this interactive journey, a poem, that I hope will reach to their heart also.


The work is a stand alone artwork, run through a computer / laptop
Headphones or the laptops speakers will suffice for sound
A wired mouse is needed
Situated in a place where external light does not dominate the visuals on the screen





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