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Like a bird we might fly
unburdened and un-trapped
without such spirit
how can we not reach the stars
a world of burdens left behind
launched by a certain magic
travelling on warm currents
carried into this river of time

another world
rewards the spirit
with nourishment




The beautiful movement of birds flight
changing with the weather
darting with a precision in time

A mastery of space
freedom to linger in the heavens
with changes of view
and possibility of perspectives

They talk in silence
and colour the canvas
of the mind with alternatives




Sitting on still rock with vast skies above
to stars beyond
touching all distant horizons

Breathe this breath
and filter thought
through shifting rhythms

this moment of time
takes shape beyond all words

Silent sensing of forms
the presence of spaces
manifest within

In this sense
sitting on still rock
quietly reaches
and touches




This childhood
a playground of memories
designed by the unknown architects
of touch or voice

Landscapes hidden below this adult world
its noises and bustling
can we hear those voices still playing?
excited mutterings of sensory discovery

Lost ghosts or shadows
found alive in our fingertips
reminding us
calling us
be present
this moment
right now



Autumn Leaves

Find me quiet
where man and his busyness
is left to rest
from changing stuff
or simply not interfering

The loud voice
is not equipped to validate
the quiet
vibrancy of autumn leaves



Searches for Silences

Is there a lost language?
in a space that we rush to fill
did we cram it full of gadgets, desires and stuff
Or the relentless pursuit of point B
Are we now deaf to the sound?




There is a silence found
in places uninterrupted by all human noise
It nourishes quality of thoughts and feelings
to a different rhythm
in such a simple breath




In this space between land and sky
where our head is tilted
angled by finite time
We can gaze into the stars eternity
away from architectural structures
that shift, alter and shape
the entering light



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